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The Preparedness Radio Network is the Internet’s largest live online preparedness community! This eclectic group of dedicated professionals, experts, authors, and practitioners volunteer their precious time on the Preparedness Radio Network in an effort to share their knowledge, skills, talents, and abilities with those willing to listen and learn about getting prepared or becoming better prepared for the uncertain future. It doesn’t matter what causes your need to be prepared, one of our hosts will have the answer to guide you to a solution that fits your problem.

With more than 2 dozen show hosts and more than 30 hours of live shows each week, Preparedness Radio Network broadcasts more than hours of preparedness information for survivalists, preppers, self-reliant, and urban and ex-urban homesteaders than any other channel or network. Anyone with a computer can listen to live shows and make comments and ask questions in the Chat Room. Any live show can be accessed by phone by calling the Network’s number for every show: (347) 326-9604. All live and podcast (repeat) shows are available by download via land line, Skype, cell phone, computer, iTunes, iPod, or Android.


Programming on Preparedness Radio Network is all about Family Preparedness issues. Each show endeavors to increase the access to experienced preparedness practitioners, sharing their knowledge. Many hosts invite preparedness industry manufacturers, distribution, and business owners to discuss the varied aspects of the industry to bring listeners a wide variety of resources for their preparedness efforts.

On the Preparedness Radio Network, hosts and their guests explore different views and aspects of preparedness, survivalism, self-reliance, and urban and ex-urban homesteading. These discussions with professionals, experts, and preparedness lifestyle practitioners––whether greatly experienced or less experienced––bring interesting points of view and allow for meaningful exchange of information. There is no perfect lifestyle, plan, or design for everyone—we are too independent, yet interdependent, for our lives to be so easily regimented or controlled.

Any preparedness lifestyle includes gaining knowledge about a broad range of subjects. It’s about helping you live a lifestyle of being prepared so you can more effectively deal with the problems that are certain to be a part of the uncertain future.

Knowledge alone is not power! Power is the appropriate use of knowledge––and proper utilization empowers us to accomplish our goals. Our prime goal is to present lots of preparedness information so listeners may properly use the hosts’ acquired knowledge and add it to their own collection of preparedness knowledge. Listeners can utilize the additional knowledge to gain wisdom without the pain of personal trial and error. It will also help them avoid the costs—both real and imagined—that frustrates them and causes failure. Then, it’s a matter of using their intelligence so they can succeed in protecting and caring for their families.

In this great land of America, our greatest need is the willingness and ability to use the knowledge we have to acquire additional knowledge we can learn from others. Thus, the additional knowledge can become wisdom as we properly apply the lessons we learn by personal practice and diligence.

Knowledge without wisdom is like a phone book––lots of information, but very little utility except under limited conditions––the phone number must be listed and the names in alphabetic order. Wisdom is best demonstrated when knowledge is applied in appropriate and useful ways. When we assimilate information, transform it into intelligence, use it in a wise and proper manner to advance the well-being of our family, community, and nation, then we are a blessing to all humankind.

Our revered Constitution gives each citizen the privilege and right to provide for protect his family––it’s a privilege granted to all citizens––irrespective of creed, color, nationality, wealth, or health. The wealthy have this privilege, the poor have this privilege, and no man is deprived by any power of the Constitution from exercising it in the fullest and in the freest manner. This freedom has been given to all––a blessing bestowed upon the citizens of this nation, and upon all citizens alike.

The Preparedness Radio Network provides listeners valuable information, insights, enthusiasm, additional specialized knowledge, and the opportunity to share in the acquired and developed wisdom of a broad range of hosts who have trod the path of preparedness.

The resources presented on the Preparedness Radio Network will help all who listen, learn, and apply correct principles will have a greater advantage in getting prepared or becoming better prepared for the uncertain future.

The purpose of the Preparedness Radio Network is to help you prepare yourself and your family for the future! After all, when all is said and done, we all are going to live in the future––prepared for it or not!

  • Proper preparedness provides the opportunity for us to gain self-reliance.
  • Self-reliance is a lifestyle that enhances our quality of life. As we learn new skills, add to our talents, and develop our abilities, we ultimately increase our family values, safety, and security.
  • Self-reliance also provides us a greater measure of safety and security for ourself, our family, and the community during extreme conditions caused by any natural disaster, man-caused disaster, or personal disaster.
  • One reality we must all accept is that we cannot prepare for every known or unknown threat, emergency, disaster, or situation.

Because now is the time for you and your family to prepare…

If you are properly prepared, you have no need to fear!”

It’s as simple as that!

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