Doctor Prepper Show 02-28-2011

Monday, February 28th.

7:00-9:00PM: Doctor Prepper Show with James Talmage Stevens. Rick Tobin, President and CEO of TAO Emergency Management Consulting is Doctor Prepper’s special guest tonight. Rick is a fellow traveler along the road to preparedness with years of experience in emergency management consulting going clear back to his high school days. He’s been through lots of disasters in his own life, including floods, blizzards, lightning storms, power outages, wildfires, house fires, and tornadoes, so he has a personal, empathetic sense for the damage and pain these events cause. In tonight’s discussion Rick talks about some of the biggest hazards he sees ahead for America and shares some of the lessons he’s learned about readiness, including little-known secrets that can help people prepare, how to get started, what works best, what to avoid, what to expect from government during emergencies, and the difference between emergencies, disasters and catastrophes.

9:00-9:30PM: Doctor Prepper talks about a special new half-hour show just for preppers starting in this time slot next week!

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