Doctor Prepper Show 03-10-2011

Thursday, March 10th.

12:00PM-1:00PM CT Doctor Prepper Show with all-time best-selling preparedness author James Talmage Stevens, a.k.a. “Doctor Prepper,” as your host.

Today’s Topic: Preparing your families for the worst but hoping for the best. Doctor Prepper chats with Susan Labbee, who recently formed a Facebook group about preparedness and has an amazing story to share about how she became a “prepper.” She’ll be joined on the program by 3 of her associates, Cherrell Thomas, Kathy Lester Phillips and Mysti Guymon-Reutliner to discuss preparedness in general.

“Our group is made up of a diverse community of individuals with one goal in mind, preparing ourselves and those we love for hard times — whether those come in the way of personal tragedy (unemployment, illness, natural disasters) or national/world crisis (known by the acronym TEOTWAWKI). We are a community of friends, hoping to help each other grow, and learn on our individual journeys toward greater self-reliance.”

Click the link below to learn more about the group:

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One Response to Doctor Prepper Show 03-10-2011

  1. Dr.Prepper this is Csilla Taylor, Susan Labbe has touched the very heart and core of being prepared. Being connected to the Lord,and keeping faith is key. Next to that yes,being prepared is very important. For those who think it is wise to turn the cheek on the subject,is to be in true denial. They have the false attitude that things will correct themselves magically. If we do nothing to prepare ourselves, then we will surely fall. We need to be brave,willing to learn and willing to prepare. With this all said it is wise to start doing so,not next week or the year after! but now. Thought put into action.