Doctor Prepper Show 10-04-2010

Monday, October 4th.

7:00-8:00PM: Doctor Prepper has more info about the upcoming Self Reliance Expo Nov 5-6 plus other tidbits to share including a whole new look for Preparedness Radio!

8:00-9:00PM: Beating the High Cost of Eating (pre-recorded).
Preparedness expert Barbara Salsbury discusses the marketing stategies used by grocery stores and how to use them to your advantage to stretch your preparedness dollars. She also explains why couponing can hurt rather than help your budget.

9:00-10:00PM: It’s Griff ‘n Prepper time! A C Griffith shares new information he’s obtained that will help motivate us to become better prepared, and then it’s on to some old time radio!


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