Doctor Prepper Show 10-11-2010

Monday, October 11th.

7:00-9:00PM: Doctor Prepper welcomes a panel of ham radio operators from the American Preparedness Radio Net to talk about ham (amateur) radio and its importance in helping people become more self reliant and less dependent on outside help. The APRN’s founder, Dave Hill (W4DMH), acts as co-host in this panel discussion designed to show how diverse the ham radio community is and how easy and fun it is to become a part of it. They’ll also clear up some common misconceptions about short wave listening and the proper equipment needed to tune in on the Ham radio bands.

9:00-10:00PM: It’s Griff ‘n Prepper time! A C Griffith shares new information he’s obtained that will help motivate us to become better prepared, and then it’s on to some old time radio!


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One Response to Doctor Prepper Show 10-11-2010

  1. Mark says:

    I check wikipedia and no american preparedness radio net . Chance for someone in the group to do a write up !