Griff’s Little Theatre 02-07-2011

Monday, February 7th.

9:30-11:30PM: Griff’s Little Theatre with A C Griffith. Griff chats with us about the “good old days” of radio and how it lifted peoples’ spirits before, during and after the Great Depression and World War II. He shares information to help motivate us to become better prepared in the difficult times we face. Then it’s time to take your front-row seat for some great old time radio to lift YOUR spirits!

Tonight’s featured old-time radio selections include:

  • The Railroad Hour, Two Hearts in Three Quarter Time (Feb. 26, 1951)
  • Lux Radio Theatre, The Wizard of Oz (Dec. 25, 1950)
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One Response to Griff’s Little Theatre 02-07-2011

  1. Mark says:

    They do make a crank powered cassette but I haven’t been able to locate one lately , don’t know about a crank up Compact Disc player.