Griff’s Little Theatre 05-02-2011

Monday, May 2nd.

9:30-11:30PM CT: Griff’s Little Theatre with A C Griffith. Griff shares a little news, a little humorous dialog, and some great old time radio to lift YOUR spirits in these challenging times just like it did for your grandparents.

Tonight’s featured old-time radio selections include:

  • Two selections by Enrico Caruso circa 1907
  • Vera Lynn, Where have all the flowers gone (1940’s).
  • Annette Hanshaw, Happy Days Are Here Again (1930’s).
  • The Railroad Hour, Review of 1950 (1951).
  • DIMENSION X, Report On The Barnhouse Effect (early 1950’s).
  • DIMENSION X, Time And Time Again (early 1950’s).


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