Growing Your Grub 04-01-2011

Friday, April 1st.

11:00PM-12:00PM CT Growing Your Grub with Steve Howard.

Episode 23: Raised Beds, Hybrids and Bugs–Oh My!. Steve’s special guest this week is Jason Akers from the Self Sufficient Gardener Podcast. Jason and Steve discuss hybrid, open-pollinated and heirloom plants, explaining some of the differences and why there is nothing necessarily wrong with using a hybrid plant or seed as long as you realize what you are getting. They also talk a little about the GMO issue, and how it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with hybrid vs open pollinated.

Then just to show you how they disagree on some things, Jason and Steve debate the good and the bad about raised bed gardening. Steve is a fan, Jason is not. Listen in for the fun they have.

Jason also shares some of his very own personal “Bug” expertise as they discuss stink bugs and how to control them, and how to deal with squash vine borers.

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