Mad Herbalist Show 03-05-2011

Saturday, March 5th

1:00-2:00PM CT: The Mad Herbalist Show with Kal Sellers. Learn how to take control of your health, be effective at natural healing options and be prepared for your own and your neighbor’s natural healing needs. On this show Kal covers specific healing herbs and their usages.

Today’s herbs for discussion will be: nettle and dong quai.

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  1. admin says:

    Deborah Bryan wrote:

    “Thank You James, Kal Sellers is fabulous! I enjoy his herbal recommendations and being self educated and spending endless hours researching on the topic I can appreciate how much time he will save people. Thanks for having The Mad Herbalist Show on;

  2. admin says:

    Nettle, as I discussed in the show, is very helpful for building blood in the liver and for building blood quality. It is often used for the same things as Dong Quai, however, nettle is a better fit for someone who is in a very moist climate or who has what the Chinese would call “moist” conditions, which are associated with fluid retention, inflammation, infection and other problems. For a dry person or people in a very dry climate, nettle is less appropriate and can actually cause dry skin conditions and discomfort and usually this stops the person using it from continuing. It is not really harmful, but is a drying herb.

    Drying herbs may also interfere with milk production for lactating women, though nettle can also increase the quality of milk in the right person.

    When facing a really moist climate or person, I would choose nettle over dong quai, or I might pair them.


  3. Janice says:

    It is very hard to follow due to your constant interrupting yourself before concluding an idea. I missed whether nettle would be good for me or dry me out too much.

  4. sonja harris says:

    really found this helpful