Preparedness Pro Radio 04-16-2011

Saturday, April 16th

11:00AM-1:00PM CT: Preparedness Pro Radio with Kellene Bishop, the “Preparedness Pro.”

Today’s topic: Corpus Delicti and You. “Injury, Loss or Harm.” How do these three words reinforce your freedom and independence? Today we’re bringing back our Constitutional expert, Scott Bishop, to discuss Corpus Delicti and what it means to you. In today’s litigious world, full of bullies and injustice, it’s easy to become unraveled in our daily lives. However, if you understand the implications of these three simple words you’ll easily discern which legal threats have teeth, and which have absolutely no impact on your life at all. When are traffic violations null and void? When are business permit requirements a moot point? Your view of the world and your present state of independence will definitely change after hearing this compelling discussion!
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