Preparedness Radio 01-13-2011

Thursday, January 13th.

7:00-8:00PM CT: Your Preparation Station with Donna Miller. Call in or chat live tonight as we discuss just what ‘criteria’ fall into developing a Preparedness Mindset. Prepping is so much more than stockpiling guns or food, buying a generator or hiding out…there is a HEALTHY mindset that needs to be developed for every prepper.

Step-by-Step Prep Tips:
Prep Tools and Foods:
Learn Prep Skills:

8:00-9:00PM CT: Preparedness Solutions with Barbara Salsbury. THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS FRIGHTFUL! If you have been listening to the news reports (or have stepped outside) the last several days and weeks, you know that the world is being inundated with HORRIBLE weather. Barbara gives you the nitty gritty on things you need to know and do, that will be helpful to you in weathering the storm.

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