Preparedness Radio 01-22-2011

Saturday, January 22nd

11:00AM-1:00PM CT: Preparedness Pro Radio with Kellene Bishop, the “Preparedness Pro. Today’s topic: Prepare for Freedom!. There’s one critical ingredient missing in everyone’s preparedness efforts. It’s not on any list but it impacts everyone’s priorities: freedom! It colors every component of our preparedness efforts and ultimately deems whether such efforts are fruitful. We’ll discuss your lawful and peaceful restoration of freedom on this Saturday’s show in such a way, you’re bound to wish it was an all day show! A special surprise guest will join us that has the amazing ability to color freedom in its true colors of patriotism. This show promises to be a life-changer indeed..

1:00-2:00PM CT: The Mad Herbalist Show with Kal Sellers. Learn how to take control of your health, be effective at natural healing options and be prepared for your own and your neighbor’s natural healing needs. On this show Kal covers specific healing herbs and their usages. Today Kal discusses herbs for pain and inflammation and how to use them effectively.

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