Preparedness Radio 01-26-2011

Wednesday, January 26th.

7:00PM-9:00PM CT: Self-Reliance Revolution Show with Kellene Bishop, the “Preparedness Pro.” This week we’ll be focusing on the Medical Preparedness side of the Self-Reliance Revolution. Join us as we learn some of the amazing research of two revolutionaries, Dr. Weston Price and Dr. F. Batmanghelidj. Both of these doctors are world renowned for their simple, yet highly effective strategies which are literally the CURE for hundreds of thousands of people who struggle with obesity, depression, cancer, chronic fatigue, and diabetes. In the interest of true self-reliance in a medical world that’s spinning out of control, the particular episode will serve as a beacon of truth and hope for the poor health which affects you or those you love.

9:00-10:00PM CT: Essential Preparedness the Living Foods Way with KK Fowlkes. Tonight’s discussion with Tom Rodgers covers Alzheimers, mad cow disease, old age dementia—what are the causes?

Click the link below to listen live:

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