Preparedness Radio 10-12-2010

Tuesday, October 12th.

7:00-8:00PM CT: The Berkey Guy Show with Jeff Gleason. Jeff reviews two of his favorite books: Making the Best of Basics by James Talmage Stevens, and Crisis Preparedness by Jack Spigarelli.

8:00-9:00PM CT: Ready or Not with Carolyn Nicolaysen. Her guest Nicole Beus shares her experience during the 2010 blizzard in Baltimore. Learn the tips that kept her family and friends who would listen safe and warm as others suffered.

9:00-10:00PM CT: Self-Reliant Living with Jim Phillips. His guest is Dr. Jed Adamson ND, NMD, DSc. They discuss taking a holistic approach to health issues and medical emergencies when current medical services may not be able to fill the need.

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