Preparedness Radio 11-19-2010

Friday, November 19th.

7:00-9:00PM CT: Doctor Prepper Show. A special show tonight in memory of John Solomon (1963-2010) who passed away November 1st from complications following a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. John was a member of New York City’s CERT Program and an American Red Cross volunteer. He taught Emergency Medicine at the State University of New York College of Medicine, was selected as the “Ready New Yorker of the Month” by the City’s Office of Emergency Management, and reported on homeland security and disaster preparedness for NPR, The Washington Post and USA Today, among other national media companies. John had a popular blog, “In Case Of Emergency, Read Blog” and was working on a forthcoming book, “In Case of Emergency, Read Book: Preparing You, Your Family and Your Community For Terrorism, Natural Disasters, Pandemics, and Other Threats Of The 21st Century,” at the time of his death.

9:00-10:00PM CT: Family Garden Doctor with Master gardener Jim Kennard. He explains by giving examples of how Mittleider gardens are thriving throughtout the world, and why it is so important to share the Mittleider method with as many people as we can. The “saints” in New Testament times shared, helped each other, and for a while had “all things common”. This is the way we will have to live in the coming difficult times, to be successful.

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