Preparedness Radio 12-10-2010

Friday, December 10th.

7:00-8:00PM CT: Doctor Prepper Show. Doctor Prepper’s guest is Frank W. Crowe, Vice President of West Valley Community Emergency Preparedness Association. West Valley CERT is a group of volunteer citizens who donate their time to provide training in preparedness. Frank believes that a large portion of our population are living through disasters and personal emergencies every day that would benefit from this training and knowledge.

8:00-9:00PM CT: Doctor Prepper Show. Got solar? Think renewable! Doctor Prepper interviews Keith and Janet Johnson, owners of Keith and Janet are experienced homebuilders and electricians, and co-authors of a book on renewable home energy entitled My Powerful Home. Learn how to “plug in” to your home’s full potential!

9:00-10:00PM CT: Family Garden Doctor with Master gardener Jim Kennard. Jim tells us about “the best gardening books and materials on the planet” and which aspects of Mittleider vegetable gardening each one covers best.

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