Preparedness Solutions 01-27-2011

Thursday, January 27th.

8:00-9:00PM CT: Preparedness Solutions with Barbara Salsbury. Tonight Barbara offers a variety of solutions to once more help you help yourself be prepared. We’ll pay a fun and insightful second visit to Your Indoor Farm. We will take a closer look at our “crops” and what to do next. Beginners can join in – and begin your indoor farm!

Also: Where to start if you don’t know anything about being prepared. Why a specified list of “what you need to be prepared” just might not work! Reality check: Is the stuff in your cupboard edible? NO? What should/could you do? Is there a “SPLAT” lurking in your near future?

Finally: The Shopping Tutor – a session about The Calendar Watch to let you know when is the coming Best Time to Buy – you’ll hear this info only with Barbara!!!

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