Preparedness Solutions 03-24-2011

Thursday, March 24th.

8:00-9:00PM CT: Preparedness Solutions with family preparedness expert author Barbara Salsbury.

Tonight’s Topic: Meals for Now–And for Later. Join Barbara Salsbury and her guest Georgia Carpenter for an informative hour of great ideas for saving money on the food budget, and simplicity; along with great shelf life – AND – the “frosting on the cake” – (pun intended) delicious! As always come prepared with your pencil or ipod for the solutions that are for you!

Georgia says: “My husband and I have lived in Utah for 35 years, have raised 5 children, and now have 11 grandchildren. I have been in direct sales for my entire career…two years ago my daughter-in-law introduced me to the Shirley J products and now I…am passionate about teaching people how simple these products are to use…and…integrate with their food storage.”

Visit Barbara’s website at:

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