Self-Reliance Revolution 04-06-2011

Wednesday, April 6th.

7:00PM-9:00PM CT: Self-Reliance Revolution Show with Kellene Bishop, the “Preparedness Pro.”

Tonight’s Topic: Mental Health Preparedness. Depression. Anxiety. Addiction. Autism. Schizophrenia. Post Traumatic Stress Disorders—while as a society we’re able to cope with these illnesses quite well, would any of these conditions be a liability to your survival in a disaster scenario? This week’s Self-Reliance Revolution Show delves into the hard reality of mental and behavioral illnesses and what can be done about them NOW. There IS a way to pull back the dark curtains and allow hope and light be a part of life NOW, and in the midst of more challenging circumstances. Tonight’special guest shares details of an amazing new technology that is changing the lives of everyday persons struggling with these obstacles as well as high-profile professional athletes, singers, and Hollywood stars.

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