Self-Reliance Revolution 04-20-2011


Wednesday, April 20th.

7:00PM-9:00PM CT: Self-Reliance Revolution Show with Kellene Bishop, the “Preparedness Pro.”

Tonight’s Topic: Insulating Yourself From a Financial Collapse. There are plenty of visible signs indicating a financial collapse is imminent, and unfortunately there are even more indicators that are well hidden. When a financial collapse hits, it will paralyze the unprepared. Don’t volunteer to be one of its victims!

Tune in tonight as The Preparedness Pro shares with you at least 6 different actions you can take NOW to minimize the impact in your world.
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7 Responses to Self-Reliance Revolution 04-20-2011

  1. CJ says:

    Thanks Kellene….the more people that wake up, the less that will rely on the rest of us! I don’t want to be the third little pig and have the others show up at my house.

  2. Underwatersubman says:

    Hey! this is my first visit thank-you for all that info. My spirit connected with everything you had to say. My head just came out of the clouds 2 months ago. I started thinking self reliance. After going through a tornado and loosing power a couple days, got my attention. Thanks again for soooooooo much good info.

  3. Great show today Kellene. Not so sure about the goofy interuption sounds at the end (rooster crowing?) but you handled it very professionally. Look forward to tuning in again.

  4. TONI says:


  5. Shawna says:

    Enjoyed the show. Would love to learn to make my own cheese!

  6. We’ve seen pork loins go from 1.99/lb to 3.99/lb and chops from 2.39 to 6.20 so prices are definitely climbing. We are preparing here, thanks for your show!

  7. janei says:

    I bought more yeast yesterday. I bought some in Aug 2010, 2/4.00
    yesterday 4.29 each lb at Costco. Flour had risen from 6.99/25 lb bag to 13.00/25 lb bag.
    and they say prices only up 7-14%. Baloney!
    I’d say more than 100% on the things I buy.
    Our cereal( which I no longer buy, is 6 oz,, for the same price.). hey it used to be 16 oz or 25 oz for the that price.