Self-Reliance Revolution 04-27-2011

Wednesday, April 27th.

7:00PM-9:00PM CT: Self-Reliance Revolution Show with Kellene Bishop, the “Preparedness Pro.”
Tonight’s Topic: The Top 10 Most Deceptive Medical Lies. Find out who’s telling them, why, and what you can do about it right now so that you can get your body back on track to health and fitness BEFORE an emergency arises.
Have you ever wondered why so many preventable diseases are increasing in record numbers lately? Why so many pharmaceutical companies are lobbying for legal exemptions? Why you can’t seem to exert superhuman will power to overcome some of your poor health habits? The answers to these kinds of questions come when the deception of the mainstream pharmaceutical community is explored and understood.
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2 Responses to Self-Reliance Revolution 04-27-2011

  1. admin says:

    Hi Barb:

    You won’t hear anything until the show actually starts or after it has been recorded. Please note the start date and time for the show (April 27th at 7PM CT) and plan to come listen live if you can. If not, you can listen to the podcast anytime after the show from the archive:

    Best Regards,
    Sharon Iezzi

    VP Operations,
    Get Ready! Network LLC

    Producer and Show Coordinator:

  2. Barb says:

    I click on the listen now button on my email and no matter what I click on on the following pages it never brings me to your show! I am missing out on a lot of good info… where am I supposed to click on to get to the show?