Self-Reliant Living 03-01-2011

Tuesday, March 1st.

9:00-10:00PM CT: Self-Reliant Living with Jim Phillips.Tonight’s topic: A Doctor’s View of Medical and Health Preparations for Future Events. There is more to being prepared for medical emergencies and health challenges during disasters than first aid kits and first aid training. Tonight Dr. Robert A. Arbon (MD, ENT) discusses his experiences, beliefs and practices to both avoid illness and disease and how you might be able to deal with circumstances when our normal support systems are not functioning.

Doctor Arbon was classically trained in medicine and had a private medical practice for 34 years. Because of his natural curiosity and desire to keep learning, however, he became very interested in topics that were not presented in his initial medical education, including natural, companion, holistic and nutritional therapies. His focus is on prevention of health issues rather than treating them once they are established.

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