Self-Reliant Living 03-22-2011

Tuesday, March 22nd.

9:00-10:00PM CT: Self-Reliant Living with Jim Phillips.

Tonight’s topic: We’re in This Together. Many people have the mistaken idea that getting prepared is only about you and your household. This is very dangerous thinking, the kind of thinking that leads to anarchy when social structure breaks down in a community, region, or country. If you want to be prepared to safely make it through very difficult situations, it’s truly about doing it as a community. Therefore, in truth, a key component of our preparation must include outreach to others. It’s all about inspiring others to get involved and helping them do so.

Tonight Jim and his guest Keats Horstmann, CEO of Safe Harbor Alliance discuss the mission, outreach and membership program of the Safe Harbor Alliance community, and how it is benefiting everyone involved, most importantly the individuals and families making provisions for the future.

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