Self-Reliant Living 03-29-2011

Tuesday, March 29th.

9:00-10:00PM CT: Self-Reliant Living with Jim Phillips.

Tonight’s topic: Radiation Reality Check. Radiation is one of most difficult topics to keep in balance. This has come to light again as a result of the very serious damage to the reactors in Japan and the subsequent release of significant amounts of radiation. When most people are confronted with actual radiation issues they usually fall into one of two category extremes:

  1. – They light their hair on fire and run around screaming that the government, the nuclear industry and scientists are all lying about how bad things are and we’re all going to get cancer any minute now, or…
  2. – They can’t see or feel anything and besides they’re too busy getting ready for their next family vacation to be bothered, and just want to be left alone because the facts might scare them and they’d end up canceling their trip.

What’s the truth really?

Tonight Jim Phillips discusses the realities of radiation based on his years of living around the nuclear industry, which includes years of work and study in the field of human health physics (the science of human health and radiation exposure) and three years as a nuclear reactor operator instructor for the US Navy.

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