Self-Reliant Living 04-05-2011

Tuesday, April 5th.

9:00-10:00PM CT: Self-Reliant Living with Jim Phillips of Safe Harbor Alliance.

Tonight’s topic: Adventures in Preparedness. Getting ready to face the future – no matter what it might bring – can be an adventure of learning and experimentation. Making your preparedness activities enjoyable and a part of your everyday lifestyle promotes a positive attitude. Tonight’s guest, Lauri Pratt, talks about how focusing on preparedness will yield returns beyond anything you can get by investing in any other area.

Lauri Pratt has an MBA, but has been interested in being prepared for difficult times as far back as she can remember. She grew up on a small family farm, but as an adult, she moved off the farm, got married, and raised three children. Now she’s back on the farm learning how to do such things as make naturally leavened bread, harvest the wool from a sheep, and turn that wool into clothing. These and other activities have all become some of her own adventures in personal and family preparedness. She also serves as Class Coordinator/Preparedness Specialist for Parley’s Hardware in Orem, Utah.

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