Self-Reliant Living 04-12-2011

Tuesday, April 12th.

9:00-10:00PM CT: Self-Reliant Living by Safe Harbor Alliance, hosted by Jim Phillips.

Tonight’s topic: Trace Minerals for Health. Trace minerals are important in our lives not just because of the nutrients and benefits they provide to the human body, but also because they replenish the soil and provide the necessary nutrition to the plants growing in the soil.

Tonight’s guest, Farley Anderson, is a strong advocate of replenishing the earth by putting back what we take out in a variety of ways to ensure our health and well-being. He is the author of Nature’s Answer–Replenish the Earth and currrently serves as president of Liberty and Preparedness, Inc., a non-profit corporation promoting public awareness, individual liberty, and personal responsibility.

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One Response to Self-Reliant Living 04-12-2011

  1. Marie says:

    Just curious where one can buy the spray electrolyte/energy product you mentioned in the radio program? I’ve looked for it online and I can’t find it. Also, I found the mineral drops on Farley’s website, but not on the Safe Harbor Alliance website. Will that be updated? Thanks!!