Self-Reliant Living 04-19-2011


Tuesday, April 19th.

9:00-10:00PM CT: Self-Reliant Living by Safe Harbor Alliance, hosted by Jim Phillips.

Tonight’s topic: Healthy Leavening. Sometimes the modern way of doing things is not always the best. In the modern kitchen at home or in the factory, we add commercially produced yeast as the leaven to make the bread expand and rise into a soft, enjoyable loaf. Dr. Matthew McClean, DC will explore the significant health issues in using this modern approach and provide a healthier method of leavening bread. The story of how he discovered this is fascinating, and just might provide answers to some questions you have been asking.

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One Response to Self-Reliant Living 04-19-2011

  1. Joe in Missouri says:

    FYI I just learned that you can not start the show ahead of time.
    I started it 15 minutes a head of time so that even if I became distracted I would catch the beginning.

    Did not work! It was 9:30 before I noticed that there was no sound. Seems like you have to start the app after the broadcast starts.

    Could you at least consider a Java alarm clock app?