Self-Sufficient Living 01-03-2011

Monday, Jamuary 3rd.

12:00PM-1:00PM CT: The Self-Sufficient Homestead with Johnny Max and the Queen.

Episode 107: Backyard Food Production. John and Tammy review the “Backyard Food Production” DVD. They also talk about all the problems they had making their homestead Christmas baskets.

1:00PM-1:30PM CT New Show! The Self-Sufficient Gardener with Jason Akers.

Episode 44: Starting Seeds. Jason talks about starting seeds, some materials you need and how to get them for little or no cost. How to make your own seed starting mix. How to plan your seed starting dates, with an online seed starting calculator that makes it easy! The things a seed needs to germinate, and why consistency is key. Also, why Jason thinks a beginning gardener shouldn’t always go “full in” on the safe route of buying starts.

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