Self-Sufficient Living 01-28-2011

Friday, January 28th.

11:00PM-11:45PM CT Growing Your Grub with Steve Howard.

Episode 14: Are You Ready to Garden? Steve talks today about Preparedness in the Garden. It’s time to plan, order seeds, and make sure your tools are set to go for the new gardening season!

11:45PM-1:00PM CT The Self-Sufficient Homestead with Johnny Max and the Queen.

Episode 17: Live Wise Today, Live well Tomorrow. John and Tammy share some homestead wisdom, tips on making red wine vinegar and a homesteader tool bar, plus more homestead fun!

1:00PM-1:30PM CT: Hunt Gather Grow Eat with Jason Akers.

Episode 12: My Favorite Wild Mushrooms. Jason talks about two of his favorite wild mushrooms to harvest. Warning: Be sure you know how to identify the good ones and beware of look-alikes that are poisonous. The world is full of false MORELS!

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