Self-Sufficient Living 01-31-2011

Monday, January 31st.

12:00PM-1:00PM CT: The Self-Sufficient Homestead with Johnny Max and the Queen.

Episode 111: Asian Soil Secrets. John and Tammy reveal Asian soil secrets to doubling your harvest without using chemical fertilizer and pesticides. This process is also used to eliminate odors in piggeries and on chicken farms..

1:00PM-1:30PM CT The Self-Sufficient Gardener with Jason Akers.

This Week: Winter and Permaculture. Today’s podcast is based on an article that Jason wrote for BackHome Magazine. While it is true that you aren’t going to grow a crop of fruit during the winter (in most climates), permaculture is so much more than the constant production of food. Every permaculture system or design is built on a strong foundation, and strong foundations are built in the winter. Jason explains how amd why this is so.

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