Self-Sufficient Living 02-11-2011

Friday, February 11th.

11:00PM-11:45PM CT Growing Your Grub with Steve Howard.

Episode 16: Pressure-Treated Wood, Raised Beds, Slugs, and Product Concerns. Steve shares new information about pressure-treated wood and its suitability in raised beds, reviews a new book on Organic Gardening, talks about controlling garden slugs, and discusses concerns he has with certain products being sold online.

11:45PM-1:15PM CT The Self-Sufficient Homestead with Johnny Max and the Queen.

Episode 21: Homestead Talk & Ice Cream. John and Tammy share general homestead talk, and the Queen tells you how she makes ice cream without an ice cream maker.

1:15PM-1:45PM CT: Hunt Gather Grow Eat with Jason Akers.

Episode 15: Raising Poultry. Jason discuss the steps needed to raise baby chicks into chickens, including: the basics of egg incubation, the basics of brooders, feed and water needs of chickens from hatching to maturity, and some tips and tricks in between.

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