Self-Sufficient Living 02-18-2011

Friday, February 18th.

11:00PM-12:00PM CT Growing Your Grub with Steve Howard.

Episode 17: The Flower Garden Girl. Steve introduces you to Anna Looper, known on the internet as “The Flower Garden Girl”. She shares her tips and tricks for successful gardening.

12:00PM-1:20PM CT The Self-Sufficient Homestead with Johnny Max and the Queen.

Episode 23: DIY Wifi and the Good Wife Guide. John and Tammy look at gadgets to capture Wifi from long distances and have the usual banter.

1:20PM-1:55PM CT: Hunt Gather Grow Eat with Jason Akers.

Episode 8: Salt. Jason talks about the essential role that salt plays in the human body and in civilization. Why salt equals liberty in some cases. Origin of words like “salary” and “salad”. Importance of salt in food production and in war.

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