Self-Sufficient Living 03-14-2011

Monday, March 14th.

12:00PM-1:00PM CT: The Self-Sufficient Homestead with Johnny Max and the Queen.

Episode 117: Earthships. John and Tammy talk about earthships. What’s an earthship? It’s a radically sustainable home made of garbage–make that “recycled materials.” And of course more homestead talk…

1:00PM-1:30PM CT The Self-Sufficient Gardener with Jason Akers.

This Week: Beginning Gardening (Self-Sufficiently). Jason outlines the very first steps to start out as a beginning gardener and do it in a self-sufficient manner. Gardening is a process and the first step in the process is gathering your inputs and recognizing their needs. Jason tells you how to work toward eliminating the inputs your bring into your system. How to pick your seeds, knowing your soil and your sunlight paths in your garden. Also why he thinks you should consider some type of rain harvesting.

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