Stumbling Homestead 02-25-2011

Friday, February 25th.

2:00PM CT: The Stumbling Homestead Podcast with Darcy Menard, covering all aspects of modern homesteading. “This is a rolling account of the successes and failures of our family, as we tackle (for the first time): moving from the city to the country, small scale farming, raising chickens, raising cows, food storage, preparation for power outages, pets and their role in homesteading, alternate investment strategies, greenwashing, security, food freedom and our liberties, composting, gardening strategies, homeschooling, and eating nutrient dense foods.”

Today’s Episode: Creating a local economy. This week Darcy talks about the challenges facing our continually eroding local economies, and some possible steps that we can take to reverse this trend, focusing on local merchants versus the less-expensive big box stores, local farmers versus distant food, local banks, and local charities.

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