Stumbling Homestead 04-01-2011

Friday, April 1st.

2:00PM CT: The Stumbling Homestead Podcast with Darcy Menard, covering all aspects of modern homesteading.

Today’s Topic: Off Grid Living With Cam Mather. Darcy’s guest today is Cam Mather, an experienced homesteader and off-grid blogger. Cam operates the independent Aztext Press from his remote 150 acres in Ontario, Canada. Today’s discussion covers:

  • Frugality as a pre-requisite to buying land.
  • Choosing a homestead site.
  • Internet connectivity options.
  • Mineral rights, tractor as a good investment.
  • Solar panels instead of 401k.
  • Water heating options.
  • Wood heating as a responsible renewable option.
  • Growing and storing food and root cellars.
  • Homesteading replacing the gym workout.
  • Making the transition with pre-teen kids.
  • And more…

To benefit from Cam’s accumulated wisdom, please consider supporting him by purchasing a book or DVD.

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