Stumbling Homestead 04-15-2011

Friday, April 15th.

2:00PM CT: The Stumbling Homestead Podcast with Darcy Menard, covering all aspects of modern homesteading.

Today’s Topic: Cooking and Eating Seasonally. Darcy interviews chef Keith Snow of He’s an advocate of cooking and eating fresh, nutrient-dense foods in season and a great source of ideas and inspiration for the ever-plaguing question: what should I prepare for family meals today?

  • The philosophy behind local seasonal eating.
  • How to work seasonal eating and preparation into a busy family schedule.
  • Planning ahead to save time in food preparation by cooking larger batches and freezing.
  • Getting kids to eat more healthy and involving them in food preparation.
  • Preparing on-the-go healthy snacks for your children and yourself.
  • And more…

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