Your Preparation Station 03-31-2011

Thursday, March 31st.

6:00-7:00PM CT: Your Preparation Station with Donna Miller.

Tonight’s topic: Prepper Philosophy and Review. Tonight is a farewell to Thursday Night’s edition of Your Preparation Station as the show prepares to move to a new night and time (Saturdays 7PM-9PM CT). Tonight we dive into a little more of the necessary outlook, faith and philosophy to face this uncertain future with peace in the midst of chaos, and review two of our most popular topics: Canning Meat/Dairy & How to Get Reluctant Family involved in Prepping.

Step-by-Step Prep Tips:
Prep Tools and Foods:
Learn Prep Skills:

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One Response to Your Preparation Station 03-31-2011

  1. Danny says:

    I loved this show! I am going to share it with all my friends, Keep up the great work.